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Quotes This year I decided to engage on a new hobby and was recommended to use this person to make my Battledress. I was wary of who I used as with my inexperience in the living history circles I was prone to being ripped off. All I can say is I cannot say enough how happy I was with not only the product I received but with all the support I have got throughout the time I was waiting for my uniform to be made. I cannot see me going elsewhere in future. The Battledress has been complimented on at each event I have gone to. Quotes
Dave Brown
New serge Battledress

Quotes It's just a way of helping a lad who is always ready to help others with advice, information, research, and his time, anything despite having very very serious health issues. Some of us decided to get him his dream SD uniform made by Dickie Knight of Khaki on Campaign which is basically original kit but made today. It is the Rolls Royce of Uniforms and Alex 'Rat' Heath been saving for a set for ages. Being so ill and spending so much time in hospital means he can no longer work and his funds are limited so here's where his pals come in. If folk can help, please do. Not going to mention here what Richard Knight has done for this appeal but he has been truly amazing and generous. Quotes
Tim Garner
WW1 SD uniform appeal

Quotes Richard made a full 37 pattern battledress uniform (latest weave of serge cloth) and supplied the webbing, pack, boots and even the Lee Enfield 303. I have to say that the workmanship is of the finest I have seen. The webbing with all various pouches, buckles, straps, the ammo boots and uniform all come together to make the most authentic and realistic battle orders this side of 1940. On top of the superb tailoring, Richard is a thoroughly nice chap who is as talented as he is knowledgeable about his passion and every question is answered in full with every detail. The best quarter master you will deal with. Quotes
Mark Walmsley
Now ready for operation Neptune

Quotes I received the SBR on the morning I was due to take a school over to the Western Front right away the AB64 wallet became my default passport holder and the SBR went everywhere and was whipped out at the slightest mention of a gas related topic. It is amazing how kids respond to props and dressing up it may be true that a picture tells a thousand words but an artefact tells ten thousand. Thanks once again for your excellent and prompt service, I shall be in touch again as I will be ordering one of your PH hoods. Quotes
Paul Gardiner

Quotes Hi Richard: Received the cap and it's GREAT! THANK YOU!! It is a work of art!! Until We Deal Again, Quotes
Dave Day (USA)
Gor Blimey Cap

Quotes Just to let you know I received my uniform today at 0700 hrs!!! It's excellent, the cut and fit are spot on same as your SD cap and I'm looking forward to showing it off to the public I haven't seen anyone do CMP home service before so it should go down well and I will be giving them your name when enquiries are made Once again thanks and well done Quotes
Gordon Thorpe
22 pattern SD tunic and trousers

Quotes SDs arrived in perfect order...had to wait a while but was well worth it. Fit was excellent, Trench Cap crushed down nicely once it and am now looking forward to receiving my SBR, SBR haversack, 'Gor Blimey' and SD cap soon. Well done Knighty!!!! Quotes
Kev McCumskay

Quotes I contacted Mr Knight about getting an Assault Jerkin made up. It arrived and it is an excellent piece of kit. The best reproduction of this item that I am aware of. Worked smashingly at the D-Day event in Ohio. No regrets! Quotes
Ben G
D-Day Assault Jerkin

Quotes I asked Richard to make me a WW11 American War Aid walking out Battledress, this is for my 1940s themed wedding in October 2015. But this will also be used at events / dances. Having put it on before my intended arrived home from work - she walked in - long pause - then went (wow). Truly amazing well pleased. Quotes
Clive Best
WW11 Reenactment Cpl 4th Somerset L.I.

Quotes My goodness!!! It's fab! After what seemed liked years of searching for a decent 1914 style Officers cap I discovered Richard and his reproductions so his version of the iconic headress went straight on my birthday list. He made it quickly without hassle and it got here quickly according to my Grandmother who made the purchase. Extremely smashing cap and am very much excited to get out in it as soon as humanly possible. Well worth the money, thank you! Quotes
William Rowland
Splashingly Baffled Sublatern (with a new cap!)
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